Outpatient Experience

Our Clinics

Kent ENT Partnership provides specialist ear, nose and throat clinics at a number of hospital sites across Kent. During your consultation, Robert Hone or Ali Al-lami will take a thorough history and examination and provide a specialist diagnosis as well as recommended appropriate treatments for your condition. As part of your consultation, you may be required to undergo some outpatient-based procedures such as nasal endoscopy (where a small camera is passed into the nose and down into the throat to view the areas of concern), or ear microsuction to remove wax or debris in the ear canal. Once a diagnosis or potential diagnosis has been made you may be recommended for further investigation, or medical or surgical treatment.

Clinics are currently held at One Ashford Hospital, KIMS Hospital, Maidstone, Sevenoaks Medical Centre and Spencer Private Hospital, Ashford.

All clinics are fully equipped and accommodate both adults and children of all ages. We are able to investigate and manage all conditions including nasal endoscopy to assess the nose, laryngoscopy to view the throat and microsuction and microscopes to clearly view the ears and nasal cautery to treat nose bleeds. Hearing tests may not be available on the day but can easily be arranged.


We can arrange a variety of further investigations including:

  • Radiology: Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine and ultrasound scans
  • Laboratory Tests: Blood tests, microbiology, allergy testing, histology and cytology
  • Balance and hearing assessments: Pure Tone audiograms (hearing tests), tympanometry (ear pressure testing), Dix Hallpike testing, Epley manoeuvre, vestibular testing and physiotherapy, tinnitus therapy and hearing aids
  • Sleep studies
  • Referral to other recommended allied medical specialists

Medical therapy:

Robert Hone and Ali Al-lami prescribe a number of medical treatments. The treatment and type of medication they recommend will be specific to the patient, their diagnosis, and the severity of their condition. Both consultants will be happy to write a private prescription at no extra charge.

Surgical Procedures:

If you require surgery, this will be discussed with you at the consultation and informed consent will be taken at this point. However, it may be necessary for you to return for a further appointment prior to your procedure to take consent. A list of the surgical procedures we undertake can be found here and covers nearly all ENT procedures. Currently all children requiring surgery will have their operation through the Spencer Wing at William Harvey Hospital Ashford. Our Practice Manager Rebecca Semmens will be in contact with further details about the arrangements for your surgery including help with authorisation from private medical insurers and obtaining a package fee for self-funding patients.

Your GP will receive copies of any correspondence from the clinic to ensure that everyone involved in your healthcare is informed of any treatments you receive or will need to continue taking after the consultation.

Private referrals:

Please contact our Practice Manager Rebecca Semmens for further information, she is available via phone or email:

Telephone:      07450852096

E-mail:             info@kent-ent.com

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