November Round-Up

It’s a busy time of year and this has been reflected in our growing practice. Clinics at KIMS Hospital, Maidstone for Mr Hone and Mr Al-lami are already full. In addition, Mr Hone is expanding his capacity at the One Ashford Hospital in the New Year to increase operating availability and outpatient clinics to keep up with the extra demand.

Mr Hone and the Kent ENT partnership also undertook their first paediatric operating list at the Spencer Private Hospital, Ashford. They are currently the only ENT consultants at the hospital able to secure anaesthetic cover for paediatric cases.

Both consultants attended the Head & Neck Cancer of the Unknown Primary Multidisciplinary Consensus Day on the 15th of November. The meeting was held in person and online and covered the current practice for unknown primary cancer sites. Unknown primary cancers of the head and neck are tumours where the cancer is first detected when it has spread to a lymph node in the neck and there is no obvious tumour visible on examination in the head and neck region. The meeting covered the current recommendations for investigations, diagnosis, and treatment for patients with these conditions.

Mr Al-lami organised the Kent, Surrey and Sussex viva day at East Surrey Hospital to prepare senior Registrars for the second part of their exam and the course was well received. Mr Hone was part of the faculty – running the head and neck OSCE stations.

Mr Al-lami has continued to develop the robotics service, working closely with Speech and Language therapy. He has also enrolled the help of some medical students from King’s College London as part of their specialty study projects which they have to undertake every year.

Mr Hone has completed his first cycle as Educational Supervisor to the Foundation year and General Practice trainees and he has completed their feedback. He is looking forward to mentoring the next group of trainees who are just starting their journey within the ENT Department.

We wish you a very happy and festive December!